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Ishmael Ngobeni

Ishmael Ngobeni was born in Limpopo and currently living in Soweto. He completed a three-year course at Artist Proof Studio in 2017. Ishmael has exhibited in numerous including the Julie Miller Art Gallery in 2016 and was one of 134 artists whose work was selected to be made into totems that adorn the Johannesburg Council of Chambers in Braamfontein.  He worked at Fine Art Studio and is currently doing his first year of craft and design at Imbali.  Ishmael is exploring more with making sculptures and designs at Imbali.


In 2017 he exhibited at Joy Alive Art Gallery in Soweto, the J.H Pierneef at Turbine Art Fair, and a group show at Artist Proof Studio. He was selected to assist at William Kentridge studios in 2017. Early in 2018, he participated in the Brainstorm Calendar project which he was sponsored by Nokia Company. Mr. Ngobeni participated in the Africa Shared Value Summit in 2018 and exhibited at Lisof in an exhibition called the Starts “New Horizons

2021: Heroes and Heroines, Perspective Art Gallery