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Jason Langa

Jason Langa is a Johannesburg-based visual artist. His works explore various struggles and emotions experienced by himself as well as his community at large. He makes use of portraiture to relay messages such as the emotional battles and connections between human beings as well as the appreciation for womanhood and the role in which women play in his creative process.

Langa’s main mediums of choice are graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, and has recently started working with oil and acrylic paint. He is currently doing his second year at Artist Proof Studio where he is also learning about printmaking.


Jason has been part of a number of projects at the Artist Proof Studio gallery including the TLC Student Lockdown Collection and the Green Economic Recovery project where he has prints for sale. He has also been part of a couple of group shows including Narowbi: All things art, as well as the Mangrove Traces show.