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Sifiso Mkhabela

Sifiso and his father are South African-born Mozambican descendants from Mpumalanga, who only found out about their grandfather’s origins and nationality when his grandmother passed away. This experience bothered The Artist and eventually led to him developing an interest in issues of cultural hybridity; displacement and the Diaspora.

Sifiso learned of uncomfortable but pertinent issues in the process. For instance, in South Africa people from Mozambique are referred to as ‘Shangaan’, a word that has a derogatory connotation attached to it. While people from Limpopo are referred to as ‘Tsonga’, even though they speak a dialect of the same language as in Mozambique.

When he eventually travelled to Mozambique to meet his relatives, he experienced a culture shock and a sense of not belonging because he was unable to speak their language. Mkhabela utilizes his studio practice as a tool.


Solo Exhibitions.

2020: The mirror has many faces, Gallery Fanon.

Previous Group Exhibitions

2021: Dawid Ros Gallery.
2020: Agog Gallery group show.
2020: Simuka Gallery pop-up exhibition.
2020: Blessing Ngobeni fundraiser exhibition.
2019-2020: Hermanus sculptures on the cliffs, green point, Cape Town.
2018: Bkz at Absa Gallery: Letter to my 22-year-old. Charity show. Johannesburg.
2018: The Aftermath Rand Bank Exhibition.
2018: Turbine Art Fair.
2018: Fringe Art Affair.
2018: SculptX Melrose Gallery.
2018: MmArt house sculpture exhibition.
2018: RMB, Talent Unlocked. Turbine Art Fair, Moving Contemporary Art. Johannesburg.
2017: Open Lab, Nirox Winter Sculpture Exhibition, Gauteng.
2016: Sculpture exhibition at Menlyn Maine, S.T Lorient Fashion & Gallery Pretoria